Hello!  I’m Amanda…..a Transformation Expert for Coaches, Service Providers, and Transformational Leaders. I am 100% committed to taking my clients from frustrated and struggling to creating a successful and lucrative business so they can SHOW UP, live their PURPOSE, and change the lives of everyone they serve.

I struggled for YEARS trying to figure out how I was going to teach and fulfill the burning desire I had to be a coach.  I posted in FB groups, I reached out to people online, I blogged, created videos, hosted tele-seminars, and was interviewed on several well-known platforms hoping to reach my ideal clients.  I worked my ass off and still wasn’t making any money.

Finally, I was fed up.  I became decisive and focused, and I went from charging “affordable” prices to having $5K-$10K days.  I sold a $30,000 program.  I’ve worked with billionaires, millionaires, CEOs, celebrities, and world leaders. Now I work 3 1/2 days a week and spend the rest of the week uninterrupted with my babies.

Not only has MY life transformed but my clients get INCREDIBLE RESULTS!  When my clients make all the money they need (and MORE) they can focus all their energy on THEIR clients.  As they stay focused on serving their clients, their business is making more money than they’ve ever made, they feel FULFILLED that they’re finally doing what they were BORN to do, and now they get to see REAL and LASTING change in the lives of THEIR clients.  No more collecting jobs and side gigs just to make ends meet. No more buying programs from coaches who aren’t really committed to their success.  No more losing days to busy work and futzing around pretending to run a business. I did those things too, so I know how to help my clients out of it.

I am blessed, I am grateful, and I am committed to helping EVERY SINGLE CLIENT that works with me to achieve the levels of success they dream of.  If YOU are ready to work with someone COMPLETELY committed to YOU, if you are ready to change your life, schedule a consultation with me.  It will be the most productive 45 minutes you’ve EVER spent on your business!

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