What makes a good coach?
What makes you valuable and worth hiring?
Is it the training you have?
Your life experience?
Is it the awesome questions you ask?
Is it how intuitive you are?
The expert advice you give?
I may ruffle some feathers here….but your dazzling advice and fancy training don’t make you a good coach.
Knowing things or intuiting information doesn’t make you a good coach.
Having a big following doesn’t make you a good coach.
Making a ton of money doesn’t make you a good coach.
I’ve seen many coaches rise to the top, claim to make 5-7 figures overnight, and dazzle newer coaches with a bunch of bullshit. I can tell you right now, MOST of them don’t make what they say. Many of them are bullies. Much of what you see online is complete crap.
Many of these “successful” coaches get a big following because they’re loud. They lead with super masculine energy, and those who are starving for success hand over their money so they can have *even a little* of what the “successful” coaches have.
But you aren’t like that! You aren’t a bully, you aren’t flashy, and you don’t lead with fake income numbers. You are YOU and you help people get results that are within. The transformation is intangible. It’s heart and Soul-Centered, and THAT’S the real reason you wanted to be a coach. But you aren’t a shark and so you’re floundering. (Pun intended).
So how are you going to be successful? How are you going to rise up, shine your light, and lead with your heart and Soul?
Find leaders and mentors who will hold this space for you. Find a coach who allows you be vulnerable, open your heart to, but who will lovingly hold you accountable to expand into the version of you you TRULY want to be.
That means they LISTEN. They ask powerful and thought provoking questions. It means you have a chemistry or connection with them that feels right.
They don’t tell you what to do. They don’t make demands or make you feel like shit. Ever.
Unless you’re the flashy bully type, following someone like that isn’t going to serve you. It only makes you feel bad that you aren’t further along on your journey….so you hand them money because you think they will rescue you from this dark place.
YOU are the only one who can rescue you. Only you can choose a mentor who gets that and holds the space for you.
So if you have been looking at big and “successful” coaches….believing the hype and feeling like shit because you’re not having success YET, please stop drinking the kool-aid.
You are YOU. Your business requires YOU to be the best of who you are….not a duplicate of someone else.
So again….what makes you a good coach?
It’s your INTENTION to be a good coach that makes you a good coach. Your intention to serve, your desire to support the growth of your clients. Your big heart and open mind. It’s YOU. You can have zero training, zero experience, zero idea of HOW you help people you just really really WANT to….and you’ll be a better coach than the smoke blowers and bullshit slingers any day of the week.
You ARE a good coach. You’re fulfilling a higher purpose, and my friend…..you’ve got this.
xo Amandawhatmakesagoodcoach