Everyday we read posts and articles about releasing the blocks that are getting in our way. 
Businesses are being built around the idea that IF ONLY people could be RID of these blocks, then THAT will be the thing that allows all their dreams to finally come true!  If only this ugly thing within them would GO AWAY, then success would be theirs!
Well, I graciously and respectfully disagree.
I understand the thinking behind this….I am a healer after all.  A good healer understands that the symptoms are never the problem and you must look deeper.  Of course!  I agree with that completely. 
Where I disagree lies in the idea that there’s any part of you that shouldn’t be there.  Your “blocks” after all are a part of you.  They are a part of what has gotten you THIS far after all.
Your blocks are nothing to be RID of.  Blocks EXIST for you to SEE them!  They are little pieces of old ways of thinking.  Just like your computer and the apps on your phone need updates from time to time, so do parts of YOU.  
I think that’s what so many healers and coaches are really trying to say.  Recognizing these old ways of thinking, seeing the blocks for what they really are….and SITTING WITH THE MESSAGES THEY BRING is what allows you to grow and expand into the higher version of you.
Rather than letting go or releasing these blocks, I ask you to consider EMBRACING them.  I ask you to consider that without these dark or outdated parts of yourself, perhaps you never would have sought to express the light and beauty within you at all.    
Just like the movie ‘Inside Out’, once Joy accepted that Sadness was just as important as she was, everything changed for the better. 
Sit with what your blocks are telling you….allow yourself to FEEL them, no matter how bad they are.  Once they are allowed to be expressed and acknowledged, you will be on to the next thing. 
Embracing the parts of you that are ugly, mean, or even nasty may be the biggest Soul growth experience you could ever have.  After all, if you can love the ugliest parts of yourself, then you can do ANYTHING.